Boating Laws – Display of Your Boat Number

Display of Your Boat Number

• The boat number must be painted on, or otherwise attached to each side of the
forward half of the vessel, in such position as to provide easy identification.

• The number shall read from left to right, be in block characters of good
proportion not less than three inches in height and be of a color that contrasts with the background.

• The numerals must be separated from the prefix and the suffix by hyphens or equivalent spaces such as the following examples: TX 0123 AB or TX-0123-AB.

• The validation decal must be affixed in a line with and three (3) inches towards the rear of the boat from the registration number.

• The number printed on the decal must match the number listed on the certificate of number card issued for the vessel described on the card.

USCG Documented Vessels:

• Display ONLY the Validation Decal (not the Registration Number) on both sides of the bow of the vessel and maintain current USCG Documentation

This is an excerpt from Texas Parks & Wildlife, “A Digest of the Texas WATER SAFETY ACT

Proper number display is just one of many aspects of boat law and boater safety covered in our Vessel Safety Checks.  Get your boat checked!

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