So You Think You Can Kayak, But What Are the Chances You Are Wrong?

Part 1 of 3
Getting Ready for the Adventure

So, you’ve heard that paddlesports, including those who kayak, is the fastest growing on-the-water sport in the United States.  Right?  Yes, it is!

In 2014, 21.7 million Americans enjoyed paddlesports.  Collectively, paddling and kayak participants made nearly 216 million outings a year.  And the sport is growing.  Beyond paddling, kayakers, rafters, canoers and stand up paddlers enjoy many of the same “crossover” activities.  Now just stop and think for a moment – just how prepared are you to enjoy this sport?  Well, spend some time with us and we’ll ta

lk about two things in this initial post; getting yourself properly trained so you don’t die on the water, and basically outfitting yourself with a few safety items.  So let’s get started.

Kayaking is different than those folks who power boat and sail, right?  Wrong.  Ease and cost may be different, but everyone on the water follows the same rules of the road.  Just like learning to drive take some time and learn how to be safe and comfortable on the water.  And is it easy to do!  First and foremost, if you are reading this, you are probably in Texas.  So far that is great!  Now you need to get your ‘boater safety’ training.  See what America’s Boating Club offers at

Remember the right triangle for kayaking:  Right boating knowledge, right kayaking skills, and right equipment.

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