So You Think You Can Kayak, Part 2

Part 2 of 3
Safer Boating with Education

Boating safety training and education is easy and there are three excellent options.  One, find an approved online course, take it.  Get your certificate.  The second is a touch better, take the Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments online course, pay a minimal fee when you pass.  Get your certificate.  The last is the best of all, take the America’s Boating Club boater safety course, an education with a lively and entertaining human teaching you, pay a minimal fee for the course and your state certificate, and meet some great folks while getting the human experience in training.  Just check out the ABC3 (boater safety course) on the America’s Boating Club Houston education website.

Now that you have the Texas state legal requirements completed, press on with the training and education.

America’s Boating Club Houston offers an excellent kayaking course.  A touch of land-based training and a lot of on-the-water training and experience.  Check us out.  One of the safety items you learn about is the selection and proper use of your personal flotation device (your life preserver).  Oh!  And there is so much you can do with your PFD that you haven’t even thought about.  Follow me here and the final installment of this blog.

Remember the right triangle for kayaking:  Right boating knowledge, right kayaking skills, and right equipment.


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