The New Boating Season

Thoughts on How to Get Prepared

The Boating Season is Upon Us

Everyone is ready to get back on-the-water and enjoy your particular recreational sport or activity.  To get started, think about what you need; from inspecting your trailer to make sure it is ready to roll down the road, preparations for your boat and gear, getting that Vessel Safety Check for this year, making sure your family and friends have completed the Texas Boater Safety course, and finally – thinking about protecting Texas waters from invasive species.

You have an important role to play in protecting the lakes we love from invasive species like Giant Salvinia and Zebra Mussels.  They can hitch a ride on your boat, trailer or gear and spread to another lake, ruining the fun for everyone.  Love your lakes back – always clean, drain and dry your boat before traveling from one waterbody to another.

It’s Easy to Do !

This video will show you how to clean up your boat, trailer and gear.  All of the gear!  Learn more at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department on how to combat and control all the invasive species in and around Texas waterways.

Zebra Mussels Hide Here

You can’t always see Zebra Mussels because their larvae are invisible to the naked eye.  They can survive for days in water trapped in a boat.  The only way to be sure you’re not carrying zebra mussels to another body of water is to always clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and gear.

Where Invasive Species Hide

Clean, Drain and Dry

Clean your boat, trailer and gear by removing all plants, animals and foreign objects. Drain all water from the boat, including the motor, bilge, live wells and bait buckets, before leaving the lake. Dry the boat and trailer for a week or more before entering another water body. If unable to let it dry for at least a week, wash it with a high-pressure washer and hot (at least 140-degree), soapy water.

Remember Everything !

Remember that “getting ready” for the boating season is not just checking the tire pressure on the trailer and getting clean fuel.  It is all of that and safety checks of the trailer and boat, your personal education, and keeping yourself informed on how to keep recreational boating in Texas safe, fun and available.


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