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The Sextant a Journey to HO from Anywhere  or  How to get some use from your instrument

If you don’t live on the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, or either of the two oceans, and it’s a long drive to any of these bodies of water, but want to learn how to do celestial navigation – you will want to listen in to this conversation.  I propose to provide the standard kind of information concerning how to protect your eyes when looking at the sun, how sextants work and so interesting ideas on purchasing them, and then we will get to the good stuff:

  • How to actually shoot the sun
  • The Horizon
  • Natural Horizon
  • Dip Short Horizon
  • Artificial Horizon

Then I expect to finish up with the impact each of these horizons have on your calculations.  There are differences in the calculations used to develop a good observation with each of the three kinds of horizons. To be very specific I will explain in depressing detail how to do celestial navigation far from the ocean. Like Oklahoma City, OK or Austin, TX or the middle of the Antarctic continent.

Join me, Chris Leavitt, past Commander of the Houston Power Squadron, former Sea Scout Mate, coastal and blue-water sailor, and all around nice guy as I present an The Sextant a Journey to Ho from anywhere or How to get some use from your instrument.

Most sextants end of on a shelf and never get used.  If you don’t plan to shoot with them, use them for boat anchors; due to their size and shape, they make terrible boat anchors, and the plastic ones worst of all, but it’s one use.  I have seven sextants around the house and they all whine about being bored and want to go outside and do what they were designed to do. Measure angles.

Since most celestial navigation classes focus on the natural horizon, we’ll focus on unnatural horizons and how to use them.  It should be interesting!  Everyone will enjoy this conversation with Chris! It will be fun – informative – lively – and from an excellent source of knowledge. This Discussion is Free to everyone.

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