“Conversations with Chris” – Navigational Arithmetic

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 Navigational Arithmetic

Join Mr. Chris Leavitt, past Commander of the Houston Power Squadron and former Sea Scout Skipper, and a coastal and blue-water sailor as he presents  Navigational Arithmetic.

Perhaps the leading scientific question of the 17th and 18th centuries was how to find out exactly where you are when you are at sea.  It had almost a mythical status and appeared in Gulliver’s Travels as an example of an impossible problem.  The first breakthrough in navigation came when it was realized that the position of the Sun and the stars in the sky depend upon where you were on the (round) Earth.  That’s a discussion for other courses in navigation.

Mathematics is hard, we all know that, but Arithmetic is what we learned in elementary – well, other people learned it there, some learned it in college – so it can’t be hard.  In this Conversation, we will keep it simple, think of Sesame Street when we discuss Sixty “D” Street and TVMDC, the basics all recreational boaters need to understand for their basic navigation needs.

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  • Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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