Using VHF Marine Radio

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Using VHF Marine Radio

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With low cost, excellent voice quality, and interoperability with other communications systems and emergency systems, todays VHF FM Marine radios are the primary mode of communications for Coastal and Inland boaters, both recreational and commercial.  All VHF marine radios receive NOAA weather stations, are an excellent means to get assistance in an emergency.  They also provide communication to other boaters, and shore facilities such as marinas.

VHF is the “standard” for marine communications and should be carried aboard any vessel.  This seminar will give you the basics of VHF radios.  There will be a short discussion on how to select the “best radio” for your vessel and the type of boating you do, and another short discussion on other means of communications (flags and flares).

Everyone is invited to listen to the seminar.
Credit (and certificate) is issued to paid participants.
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This reduced-rate seminar is only being offered for a short time!
  • Wednesday, May 27, 2020
    7:15 pm - 9:30 pm


Anywhere, Texas, United States


Registrants will receive detailed information about the call-in number and other pertinent information.   Students will be using, an online meeting and video conferencing tool that enables collaboration with students and instructors via the internet in real-time. Please review the Participant Instructions page for operations.

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