Our advanced navigation courses are THE standard for learning how to get around in coastal, inland and offshore waters.

Inland and Coastal Navigation Courses

Marine Navigation

Marine Navigation (formerly Piloting) is the first of the navigational classes focusing on techniques for piloting a boat in coastal and inland conditions.  The course emphasizes planning and checking along with the use of GPS for determining position, and introduces digital charting along with traditional charting, compass and dead reckoning skills.

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Advanced Marine Navigation

Advanced Marine Navigation (formerly Advanced Piloting) is the second part of the inland and coastal navigation series. This material builds on the base developed in Marine Navigation, and includes practical use of additional electronic navigation systems and other advanced techniques for finding position.

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Offshore Navigation

Junior Navigation

Junior Navigation is the first of a two-part program of study in offshore (open coast) navigation. It is designed as a practical, how-to-course. Subject matter includes: basic concepts of celestial navigation

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Navigation is the second part of the study of offshore navigation and is the companion course to Junior Navigation.  The student is introduced to additional sight reduction techniques for the moon, planets, and stars, and develops greater skill and precision in sight taking.

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