Boat Handling

Course Description

Build boating confidence and competence for safe and fun on-the-water adventures.  Our Boat Handling course (formerly Seamanship) provides a foundation of knowledge and skills in boat handling and maneuvering, boat operation, skipper's responsibilities, and boating techniques that will advance your boating enjoyment.

Students who complete the new 2019 Boat Handling course and pass the exam will receive course credit and earn the Seaman grade. They will also receive seminar credit for each of the class sessions attended.

What's included?

For both sail and power boats, Boat Handling covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Rules of the Road:  A Practical Approach
  • Confidence in Docking and Undocking:  Slow-Speed Maneuvering
  • Boating with Confidence:  Handling Your Boat Underway
  • Anchoring with Assurance:  Don't Get Carried Away
  • Emergencies on Board:  Preparation to Handle Common Problems
  • Knots and Line Handling:  The Knots You Need to Know
  • And other interesting topics

This course is completed in 8 two-hour sessions: six sessions of study, one session of review and one session for the exam.

You must have the America's Boating Club Boat Handling book in order to complete the course.  The book is offered in both hard-copy or as an eBook.  One book required per household.

Boat Handling Course Costs

Tuition must be paid during class registration via PayPal or by check / cash prior to the start of the class.  Books and other materials should be purchased during registration, or may be available the day of the class.  A purchase of the eBook is almost immediate, and can be purchased at anytime, including on the day of the first class.

Course Tuition Fee (one required):
USPS Members / Voucher$40.00
Sea Scouts / USCGA / Partners$80.00
Order one or the other books for the course
Boat Handling Hardcopy Book (one required per household)$75.00
Boat Handling eBook (one required per household)$68.00
A redeemtion key will be issued for eBooks