Radar for Boaters

Course Description

This course was developed by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons and is up to date for Radar technologies available now and into the near future.  The course covers the different types of Radar equipment, their capabilities and limitations, as well as their features and how they apply to students’ needs.  It covers what you need to know about Radar, from how and where to mount the antenna to how to interpret the displays, so you can use your Radar for collision avoidance and for navigational purposes.

It is recommended, but not required, that students attending this course should have completed America’s Boating Course (ABC3), and preferably have completed Marine Navigation and Advanced Marine Navigation (currently Piloting and Advanced Piloting), and have some boating experience.

Radar for Boaters is a required course for BOC Advanced Coastal Navigation (ACN) and Offshore Navigation (ON) certification.  Note that Radar for Boaters does NOT count toward the Educational Proficiency and Educational Achievement Awards.

What's Included?

  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Operation of Radar Controls
  • Components of Radar Systems
  • Limitations of Radar
  • Interpreting Displays
  • Interfacing Equipment with Displays
  • Converting Bearing Types
  • Blind Pilotage
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Heavy Weather
  • Contingency Plans

This course is usually completed in 8 two-hour sessions: seven sessions of study, one session of review and the exam.

You must have a copy of "The Radar Book" in order to complete the course.  Only one required per household.

Radar for Boaters Course Costs

Tuition must be paid during class registration via PayPal or by check/cash prior to the start of the class.  Books and other materials should be purchased during registration, or may be available the day of the class.  Books do not have to be purchased from America's Boating Club Houston.

Course Tuition Fee (one required):
USPS Members / Voucher$40.00
Sea Scouts / USCGA / Partners$80.00
The Radar Book (one required per household)$50.00