First Aid/CPR/AED

Course Description

America’s Boating Club Houston offers this first aid, CPR and AED course.

Course Materials

This course is taught from the ECSI First Aid, CPR, and AED manual, which includes:

  • Coverage of how to perform CPR and use an AED during an emergency.
  • Current information on injuries and illnesses.
  • Updated content on the use of hemostatic dressings, application of tourniquets, administering epinephrine, dental care, and more.

Good to Know

The minimum age for taking the course is 12 years old with proper adult or guardian supervision.  The course will take about  4-1/2 to 6 hours, depending on the number of students.  There will be a break for a lunch when needed. Certificates of completion will be issued to those completing the course.  The training is good for 2 years.   This course meets all requirements of USCG EMCASI-202 Standard First Aid, CPR and AED as documented in “Course Approvals - Deputy Commandant for Operations – USCG”.

First Aid/CPR/AED Course Costs

Tuition must be paid during class registration via our online system.  Books may be purchased during registration.  There are books available on the day of the class.  We can accept walk-ins on a limited basis.  The book is not required for the course but is a good reference.

Course Tuition Fee (one required):
USPS Members$30.00
First Aid, CPR & AED book (optional)$15.00