Kayaking Level 1

Course Description

America’s Boating Club Houston offers this short, 3-hour course to introduce you to the fun of paddlesports in a kayak.  Using the Show-Do teaching technique, the course covers the basic skills of kayaking on flat, calm water and light winds.  It covers from entering the kayak to exiting the kayak and all the paddling in-between; including skills such as lifting and carrying, launching, paddling techniques, turning, steering, and landing.  Included is a demonstration of a Vessel Safety Check.  Yes, it’s a lot of fun.

Our kayaking program supports safety and well-being, and requires that participants demonstrate skills and a commitment to education. Our kayak instructors are responsible, dedicated, and have demonstrated great interpersonal relationship over time.

Boater Education

A recommendation (not a requirement) before taking this course is completing a basic boater safety course.  This course must be state approved, recognized by the United States Coast Guard, and approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) -  such as our America's Boating Course, the TPWD Boater’s Ed Course, or other NASBLA approved course.

The Kayak Safety Triangle

It is our view that having a basic boating knowledge, developing kayak skills, and having a Vessel Safety Check work together to improve enjoyment on the water and reduce risks.  This basic course discusses rules of the road on the water, the need for a float plan, aspects of weather during planning and on-the-water, and other topics necessary to all boaters.

What to Wear

Please wear clothing that will offer protection from the sun. Also, you will get wet. So, clothing should be appropriate. Proper footwear is also very important. Closed-toe water shoes or athletic shoes are required. Please remember that your footwear will get wet. Flip-Flops are not acceptable.

What to Bring

Plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen.  We encourage an extra set of clothing for after the class.

What we Provide

We will provide your life jacket, paddle, kayak, and jokes. You provide an interest, and together we will have a fun day.  You are more than welcome to use / bring your own kayak, life jacket and paddle.   However, cost of course is still the same.

ACA Certification

If you wish to be certified by the American Canoe Association (ACA) for this class, there are additional steps you will need to take.  Your instructor will have that information available at the completion of the class.  The ACA has a wide range of classes available.

Kayaking Level 1 Costs

Tuition must be paid during class registration via our online registration process or by check/cash prior to the start of the class.  Each class is limited to 8 participants (we can handle more if you bring your personal kayak and speak with the instructors before the class).

Course Tuition Fee (required):$50.00
Galveston Island State Park Admission (not paid to us)$5.00