Instructor Development

Instructor Development Course Cover

Course Description

Unlike other USPS courses, the Instructor Development course is not designed to enhance boating skills.  Rather, its emphasis is on enhancing presentation techniques and instructor skills. The course has been designed to demonstrate interactive teaching methods focused on adult learning.

Students are required to prepare lesson plans and give three presentations to their peers using a variety of teaching aids and presentation skills. The instructor may assign a topic for these presentations or you may use material and PowerPoint slides from existing USPS courses, or you may develop your own presentation that supplements recreational boating.

This course teaches effective communication skills for everyone, not just USPS instructors but everyone.  It is a required course if you want to teach our America's Boating Course class.

Contact the Squadron Education Officer for more information or to request a class.

Special Note:  Are you a certified teacher?  Do you have documentation for your certification?  If you do, there is an 'opt out' process where we can submit your documentation to the USPS Headquarters and you will receive your certification with USPS.  Contact the Squadron Education Officer for details.