The Next, Newest "Adventure of a Lifetime!"

Come join America's Boating Club Houston for an amazing adventure in one of the most beautiful places on earth and right here in Texas!  Tropical beaches, breezes, and beverages await you in this Gulf Coast paradise.


Corpus Christi in South Texas is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, bird watching, great museums and unique attractions.  Best things to do in Corpus Christi includes the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, the Texas State Aquarium and the Texas Surf Museum. Other great attractions include the USS Lexington, Padre Island National Seashore, Bob Hall Pier and Whataburger Field.  And let's talk about fishing, kayaking, and great seafood restaurants.


America's Boating Club Houston is planning to have an adventure in South Texas.  They have a wide range of activities for morning, noon and night; to suit anyone's fancy or abilities!  Some of the plans include dolphin tours, visiting the USS Lexington, a fishing excursion or tournament, visits to the beach, chartering a sailboat for an on-the-water adventure, touring historical sites (including the location of the original Whataburger), perhaps a seminar or two; visiting with our friend in the Lower Rio Grande Power Squadron, and some delightful meals.

The excursions will be 'kid friendly' so children of all ages, grandchildren, cousins and of course - friends - are all invited!


Tentatively scheduled for the last two (2) weeks of May, 2021 to conveniently avoid Spring Break, end-of-school activities, the Texas heat, most storms and vacationers.  Right now the plans are for one week; Saturday to Saturday, May 15th through the 22nd.  Depending on interests and your schedule, we have activity plans for a 3-day, 5-day, 1-week and 10-day schedule.  That means - come for a few days, stay longer and play, or book the entire time!  Plan on a short day's travel time to get there.  More details on travel plans to come.


We do have some experience with this type of trip.  One of the points-of-discussion will be if we all get our separate boarding, or we get a B&B together, a hotel together, and how we manage meals.  The range of costs per person will vary on overnight arrangements, fees and costs for excursions, rental of boats or other equipment, and some restaurant visits, vessel rental fees, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, or other such extra luxuries on the trip.

This is not a money maker for the Squadron, it's a do what you want and pay as you go!   There will probably be a few pre-pays necessary to confirm reservations with various tours and excursions, but that will be discussed later.


We are in the early planning stages for this trip.  At this point, we ask that you fill out this survey if you are interested.  We hope to use this to determine the size of the group, how many want to stay for how long, and what activities you may want to participate in.

We are happy to have whole families sign up!

This page will be updated as more decisions are made and details emerge.