Lake Charlotte (Cedar Hill Park)


From Houston, drive east on I-10 to exit #810. Turn north on Route 563 and drive for 2.9 miles to Lake Charlotte Rd. There is a road sign on the left, but it’s hard to see because of the orientation of the sign. The landmark to look for is a sign for a Xmas tree farm. Turn left and go 1.1 miles west on Lake Charlotte Rd. Cedar Hill Park does not have a sign at the road. So how do you know when you’re there? Good question. If you get to the 90-degree right bend in the road, you’ve gone too far. The other driveways along the road have mailboxes on them, as they are residences. The Cedar Hill Park dirt entrance road does not have a mailbox, and it’s across the street from a small cemetery. Once you enter that dirt park road and curve around a corner, then you finally see a park sign.


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