Candidate Vessel Safety Examiner Online

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Course Description

This online course will teach prospective Vessel Safety Examiners what they need to know in order to be approved to perform Vessel Safety Checks.

A Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of a vessel to verify the presence and condition of certain safety equipment required by State and Federal regulations. The Vessel Examiner is a trained specialist and a member of the United States Power Squadron. They will make certain recommendations and discuss safety issues that will make a recreational boater a safer boater.

What's included?

All you need to know in order to help others stay safe on the water, including:

  • How to approach the recreational boater in a friendly manner,
  • How to properly conduct a vessel safety examination,
  • How to guide the boater in applying their sticker,
  • Reminding the recreational boater of good on-the-water habits, and
  • Selecting the best VSC events to get good food and drink.

Course Costs / Prerequisites

This course is FREE to members of America's Boating Club Houston who have successfully completed the Boat Handling course, or who will be, or are currently taking, the Boat Handling course.

This Course is the Online Course and Examination

This course is found online on the USPS National website.  There are study guides available at the site, and the online examination is on the same National site.  Registration here simply means a notice to the Education Department and the VSC Chair that you are taking the online course.  Study of the materials and the online examination is at your schedule and your study pace.

The United States Coast Guard Vessel Safety Check Manual is the current version.  A PowerPoint presentation on why, and how, to become a Vessel Safety Examiner is online.  When your studies are completed, take the online practice test to see how you did.  When you are ready, take the online examination and report your passing to the Houston Squadron VSC Chair, Mr. William (Bill) Haddock).  Be sure to print out the results page when you finish the exam.  If you need to check your score after passing, just click here and use the CheckMyPassingScore page by entering your USPS member number.







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