America's Boating Club Houston offers some courses exclusively to members.  These courses are designed to help further the cause of United States Power Squadrons - America's Boating Club by furthering the education of our members so that they can deliver on our promise.

Vessel Safety Examiner

We offer this informal course to all members who have completed (or are currently working on) the USPS Seamanship course.  A highly experienced Vessel Safety Examiner will guide you on everything you need to know in order to conduct a Vessel Safety Check and pass the Vessel Safety Examiner test.  At the end of the class you will take the test, complete five Vessel Safety Checks with a mentor, and be a certified Vessel Safety Examiner!

Kayaking Instructor

America's Boating Club Houston partners with American Canoe Association (ACA) to offer this course.  This is an advanced course with the goal of certifying new ACA Kayaking Instructors to help with our Kayaking programs.

Hands On Training - Basic Powerboat

Basic Powerboat is a skill-based training program that covers the essential techniques of powerboat operation.  The program is designed for new boaters, and requires no prior experience.  Seasoned boaters will also learn new techniques, and increase their skills.